Here's the lowdown on Nathan Juju

The band, Nathan Juju, is fictional.

The music is real.

The band lives in the EKKO Mystery Trilogy.

The music is recorded in New York City.

The band members are characters in a series.

The people who make the music are alive and well.




Nathan Juju is our way of bringing the EKKO Mystery Trilogy to life

with some good 'ol rock-n-roll.


In the EXTENDED version ebooks, exclusively for iPad, we've placed a few audio recordings of Nathan Juju in the sections that highlight the paranormal stage shows. There are but a few in each book, but enough to add a whole new dimension to reading the series.



The books paint the picture in your head.

The music puts you in the front row of the concert.



Nathan Juju short clips can only be heard in the iTunes,

Extended versions of the Ekko Mysteries Trilogy.



Full versions of the songs are available on iTunes,

CD Baby,  and the EKKO Mystery web store.




There are coupons in the back of each EXTENDED books, allowing buyers a free download (mp3) of the full length songs in that book.



The Songs:

You Were Mine   /  Paid at Midnight  /  Caroline / 

I See You / Quitman Highway 

Papa Music (Instrumental Soundtrack)

/  Gimme Yours

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