The Music

Nathan Juju dishes out a Southwestern Rock style of music, with heavy accent on Electric Violins and fat harmonies. The songs vary from aggressive to melodic, featuring male and female vocals. Some tunes are straight and narrow, while others take a road less traveled. Their signature sound comes from the twinning of electric violin and electric guitar throughout the songs, adding a smooth edge to the rock beat.


Nathan Juju has acquired the songwriting skills of Johnny Walker, who teamed up with other seasoned writers to introduce songs like, Quitman Highway, (co-written by the extremely talented,  TIM THOMPSON,  and Paid at Midnight, (co-writers Chris Broyzina and Alan Clough), and Caroline (co-arranged by Cliffe Clarke). The recordings also feature the undeniably talented vocals of HALLEY DeVESTERN,  a well known favorite in New York City. As an added gift, you will enjoy the tasteful guitar work of TED STAFFORD.


The recordings  were produced by CIC PUBLISHING, under the direction of Johnny Walker at Avatar, Greene Street Music Studios, and Unique recording in NYC. Having been fortunate enough to acquire the engineering skills of Steve Eighner, Steven Hardy, and Reed Taylor; the rollicking "Caroline", the instrumental road anthem "Papa Music", along with the whimsical "You Were Mine”, have received positive feedback across the board. The latest release, “Quitman Highway”, with its haunting story and dynamic guitar/violin leads, has been called a classic country anthem.




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