The Players

Ted Stafford
Halley DeVestern
Dirk Kennedy
Johnny Walker


Jim Kennedy ...  He is the voice of Mr. 5008, a ghost in Savannah who steals the spotlight during a period of technical madness. Mr. 5008 captivates the crowd and leaves them in awe until Nathan Juju can hit the stage. It goes without saying, Dirk is no rookie to the recording industry, and his vocals are beyond fantasmical. We are honored to have Mr. Kennedy included in the line-up of artists in the EKKO Mysteries Trilogy. But if you want hear him cut loose, check out one of his albums. Wowza.


Ted Stafford ...  We were lucky enough to acquire the talents of Mr. Stafford during the recording process. We’re extremely pleased with the level of professionalism he has brought to the table. His guitar licks are pretty damn hot, but you can also hear him sing in Book I: White Limousine, ‘Gimme Yours’. Did we mention he’s one great guy to work with?


Halley DeVestern ...  If you’ve been lucky enough to see this performer live, in action, you would run to the next show a day early. We are so fortunate to have Halley as a part of the EKKO team, not only because she’s rated the number one Blues Singer in NYC, (ahem) but because she’s so damn awesome! We love Halley and urge you to get out and see her. If we had an Honorable Mention category, it would be, hands down, Halley DeVestern.



The fun of EKKO wouldn't be the same without the above mentioned talent, and we are extremely grateful for their contributions.





The Nathan Juju CD  (May 2015) had been graced with the talents of:


Guitars:  Chris Broyzina, Rob Dwect, Alan Clough, Ted Stafford, Johnny Walker

Bass:      Cliff Clarke, John Sobel

Drums:  John Rubin, Johnny Walker

Violins: Johnny Walker

Vocals:  Halley DeVestern, Alan Clough, Johnny Walker

Engineers: Denise Barbarita @ Monalisa Recording / Reed Taylor @ Green Street Music

Steve Eighner, Steve Hardy, Digital Tape Transfers @ Avatar Studios, NYC.

Producers: Michael Palitz / Ricardo Fernandez /Johnny Walker

Published by CIC Publishing / NY, NY.

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