The Band That Lives in the Books ...

Based in New York City, Nathan Juju has just engaged in a national tour of the US— their first in many years. Managed and promoted by Dean Autry, owner of Intertwine Artists, they’ve embarked on a unique series of dates, playing midsized arenas across the country.



Nathan Juju’s lead singer, E, can be a handful, but when it comes down to performance, he’s the Tom Jones of entertainment—giving it all he has each and every time, determined to leave each and every ticket holder in awe.



After twenty years of touring, their stage shows have amassed a loyal following throughout the US, and their current style reflects a group of seasoned artists, experienced in the pleasures of youth and all it’s deceptions. Now they're anxious to enjoy what they love; playing music.



Their current line-up consists of Bass, drums, guitars, electric violin, and female back-up vocals. Nathan Juju makes music the old fashioned way, expressing the feel-good vibe and positive lyrical messages that listeners have come to expect from the band. It's raw. It's simple. That's that.



After touring the globe with monster hits in the past, Nathan Juju has settled into a calmer routine, now performing for crowds of two-to-three thousand, making their musical journey much more enjoyable. In turn, the road crew has also reduced in size, from twenty-five, to merely a handful, all under the direction of  A/V extraordinaire, CJ Singleton.

Find out if Nathan Juju is headed to your neck of the woods.



This is a band you need to read about to discover how they blend in with a Paranormal Tour.


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