The Band that lives in the books...

Based in New York City, Nathan Juju has just engaged in a national tour of the US— their first in many years. Managed and promoted by Dean Autry, owner of Intertwine Artists, they’ve embarked on a unique series of dates, playing midsized arenas across the country.

Nathan Juju’s lead singer, E, can be a handful, but when it comes down to performance, he’s the Tom Jones of entertainment—giving it all he has each and every time, determined to leave each and every ticket holder in awe.

After twenty years of touring, their stage shows have amassed a loyal following throughout the US. They’ve experienced the pleasure of youth and all it’s deceptions. Their style reflects a group of seasoned artists, gone full circle with every trick that comes with inexperience, now anxious to enjoy what they do best; play music.

 They make music the old fashioned way, expressing the feel-good vibe and positive lyrical messages that listeners have come to expect from the band. It's raw. It's simple. That's that. Their magic comes from capturing the essence of simplicity.


After touring the globe with monster hits in the past, Nathan Juju has settled into a calmer routine, now performing for crowds of two-to-three thousand, making their musical journey much more enjoyable. In turn, the road crew has also reduced in size, from twenty-five, to merely a handful, all under the direction of  A/V extraordinaire, CJ Singleton. 


They had no idea what they were in store for when they hired CJ to oversee the A/V on this tour.

Their current line-up consists of Bass, drums, guitars, electric violin, and female back-up vocals.

This is a band you need to read about to discover who they are, where they’re from, and where they'll perform next. www.EKKOMYSTERIES.com


Songs and Book snippets here: https://soundcloud.com/nathan_juju         

The Music:

Nathan Juju dishes out a Southwestern Rock style of music, with heavy accent on Electric Violins and fat harmonies. The songs vary from aggressive, to melodic, featuring male and female vocals. Some tunes are straight and narrow, while others take a road less traveled. Their signature sound comes from the twinning of electric violin and electric guitar throughout the songs, adding a smooth edge to the rock beat.

Nathan Juju has acquired the songwriting skills of Johnny Walker, teamed up with other seasoned writers to introduce songs like, Quitman Highway, (co-written by the extremely talented,  TIM THOMPSON,  and Paid at Midnight, (co-writers Chris Broyzina and Alan Clough), and Caroline (co-arranged by Cliffe Clarke). The recordings also feature the undeniably talented vocals of HALLEY DeVESTERN,  a well known favorite in New York City. As an added gift, you will enjoy the tasteful guitar work of TED STAFFORD.

The recordings  were produced by CIC PUBLISHING, under the direction of Johnny Walker at Avatar, Greene Street Music Studios, and Unique recording in NYC. Having been fortunate enough to acquire the engineering skills of Steve Eighner, Steven Hardy, and Reed Taylor; the rollicking "Caroline", the road anthem "Papa Music", and the whimsical "You Were Mine”, have received positive feedback across the board. The latest release, “Quitman Highway”, with its haunting story and dynamic guitar/violin leads, has been called a classic country anthem.


        Theses recordings focus on the music, not the hype. These songs weren't made for people with stopwatches, timing the verses and chorus patterns. In other words, they weren't recorded to fit any mold; they were recorded in the name of art, from the gut. There are no technical frills, or purchased dance beats, no auto tuned songs, and no plugged-in riffs with Nathan Juju.

Okay...    here's the lowdown on  Nathan Juju,


                                   "The band that lives in the books."

The Band Nathan Juju is fictional.

The music is real.

The band lives only in the EKKO Mystery books.

The music is recorded in New York City.

The band members are characters in a book.

The real-life people who make the music are pretty mellow, but they love music and adventure.

So we thought we'd take it up a step ... and bring the books to life with some good 'ol rock-n-roll.

In the new EXTENDED version iBooks, exclusively for iPad users, we've placed a few audio recordings in the sections that highlight the paranormal shows in the series. There are but a few, but enough to add a whole new dimension to reading... without being annoying. 

The books paint the picture in your head; the music puts you in the front row.

We're honored to have the additional talent in the books:

Jim Kennedy, He is the voice of Mr. 5008, a ghost in Savannah who steals the spotlight during a period of technical madness. Mr. 5008 captivates the crowd and leaves them in awe until Nathan Juju can hit the stage. It goes without saying, Dirk is no rookie to the recording industry, and his vocals are beyond fantasmical. We are honored to have Mr. Kennedy included in the line-up of artists in the EKKO Mysteries Trilogy. But if you want hear him cut loose, check out one of his albums. Wowza.

Ted Stafford We were lucky enough to acquire the talents of Mr. Stafford during the recording process. We’re extremely pleased with the level of professionalism he has brought to the table. His guitar licks are pretty damn hot, but you can also hear him sing in Book I: White Limousine, ‘Gimme Yours’. Did we mention he’s one great guy to work with?

Halley DeVestern, If you’ve been lucky enough to see this performer live, in action, you would run to the next show a day early. We are so fortunate to have Halley as a part of the EKKO team, not only because she’s rated the number one Blues Singer in NYC, (ahem) but because she’s so damn awesome! We love Halley and urge you to get out and see her. If we had an Honorable Mention category, it would be, hands down, Halley DeVestern.

The fun of EKKO wouldn't be the same without the above mentioned talent, and we are extremely grateful for their contributions.

We planted some coupons in the back of the EXTENDED ibooks, allowing buyers to receive free mp3, full length versions, of most songs in the ibooks. Song segments may only be heard in the iTunes, Extended eBook versions of the Ekko Mysteries book series. Full versions of the songs are available on iTunes, CD Baby, and the EKKO Mystery website store.

Some of you live music, some of you love music, and some of you get lost in the lingo, so we inserted a pop-up  glossary for some of the technical words, keeping you in the scene without leaving the page. 

A few videos were also added. They're half-a-minute long, inserted just to give you a grin.

The EKKO Mysteries Soundtrack, by Nathan Juju.


The Nathan Juju CD  (June 2014) had been graced with the talents of:


Guitars:  Chris Broyzina, Rob Dwect, Alan Clough, Ted Stafford, Johnny Walker

Bass:      Cliff Clarke, John Sobel

Drums:  John Rubin, Johnny Walker

Violins: Johnny Walker

Vocals:  Halley DeVestern, Alan Clough, Johnny Walker

Engineers: Denise Barbarita @ Monalisa Recording / Reed Taylor @ Green Street Music

Steve Eighner, Steve Hardy, Digital Tape Transfers @ Avatar Studios, NYC.

Producers: Michael Palitz / Ricardo Fernandez /Johnny Walker

Published by CIC Publishing / NY, NY

The Songs:
Caroline  /  Quitman Highway  /  You Were Mine 
Paid at Midnight  /  I See You 
Papa Music (Instrumental Soundtrack Version)
  /  Gimme Yours

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